LSE-OnLine (or Line Structure Engineering on line) is a service provided by IAMSL that allows the user to submit a data form on information gathered on any overhead line structure, be it an as built or new design structure, single or multiple designs.

The information gathered and entered on the form is then sent back to IAMSL via our website and, within an agreed timeframe, a Line Design Report Structure drawing will be sent back to the user showing whether the line structure conforms to the required Australia/New Zealand overhead line design standards.

The pole data capture form can be completed onsite using a tablet device or entered online from a desktop in the office.

The completed form can then be uploaded to a portal on the IAMSL website where it will be received by one of our line design engineers, after an automated email notification is sent through that a line structure analysis or design request is pending.

Once the completed pole data capture form is downloaded and received by IAMSL, a Line Structure Engineering (LSE) analysis will be carried out on the information submitted from the form. A Structure Data Sheet (SDS) drawing will then be completed to show whether the 'As Built' or 'New Design' structure conforms to design standards.

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The completed design will show a Serviceability Index (SI) result that is in accordance with the relative design standards, and must be of a value of greater than 1.0 to conform.

A High index (SI >> 1.0) indicates a highly serviceable structure with excess strength.

A Low index (SI < 1.0) indicates risk of failure reinforcement/replacement required.

A Structure Data Sheet (SDS) is then sent back to the user with the recommended pole replacement design or the required reinforcement solution.

LSE-OnLine can be used for single or multiple structure line designs.