non-destructive evaluation of wood poles

This system is the most advanced and reliable non-destructive system available anywhere in the world for assessing the residual strengths of wooden poles. The hardware and software have been extensively researched, developed and tested over the past ten years.

Key benefits of Polescan include:

  1. Retention of asset structural strength through a non-invasive testing method - no substantial digging or drilling is required.
  2. Objective pole assessment - total elimination of subjectivity and potential for human error characterising other commonly used systems.
  3. Reduction in pole replacement capital expenditure through an objective and engineering based modeling of pole serviceability - (based on Australian / New Zealand standard AS/NZS 4676 and AS/NZS 7000).
  4. Mitigation of liability through a system that ensures compliance with the applicable Australian / New Zealand standards and codes.
  5. Potential retention of current and proven inspection companies
  6. Environmental benefits and cost savings accruing from elimination of excavations and savings in ground reinstatement.
  7. Potential reduction in operational pole assessment expenditure through increased efficiency of pole inspection schedules.

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